Tuesday, August 28, 2012

5 Advantages to Tuning your Car's Engine

It’s a fact that those who do not properly maintain their car find themselves broken down on the side of the road frequently more often than those on top of their vehicle’s upkeep. Cars need routine inspections to ensure they can make it

through any journey, long or short. The engine is the most important piece of the car, but few owners know how important it is to tune the engine. The inside is just as important if not more important than the outside and if you are a car lover, you can achieve unmatched engine customizations with an Dodge SCT tuner that will leave you with a vehicle to be admired. Knowing the advantages to tuning the engine and finding the right tuner makes caring for your vehicle easy and saves money in the long run.

A Little Engine Performance Tuning History

Tuning an engine originated when race car drivers were trying to prep their cars for matches and the idea your car could perform the same as a professional race car became quite appealing to the ordinary car enthusiast. After that, chips entered the scene and made it possible for the average Joe to drive like a professional. Ever heard the expression “did you chip up your car?” Although people still use this terminology chips are now a thing of the past.

Outdated technology has now been replaced by tuners and custom programming. This advanced software is capable of more personalized tune ups and can alter a much larger variety of areas in your engine. You can even continually update your engine remotely so you consistently are up to date without even having to touch your tuner – a level of convenience you couldn’t have imagined in the past. This type of programming offers a much more versatile variety of options and happily leaves chip technology in the dust.

1. The Need For More Engine Speed

A huge benefit in tuning an engine is that cars are able to perform faster. There are many ways tuning options to increase your speed using DCX tuning:

  • Increasing your speed limiter to go faster than ever
  • Reducing or removing torque management for improved acceleration
  • Adjusting valve timing for greater efficiency
  • Turbo charge or super charge your engine which allows it to compress air better

In the past, you were limited to replacing your cylinders and pistons with larger models to help the engine, using large poppet valves or adding multiple carburetors. Although these are still great engine tuning editions, custom Dodge tuning is a much less expensive and efficient way to achieve the same results.

2. Routine Car Maintenance & Engine Part Replacement

We don’t want to give the impression that all you have to do is put a tuner in your car and the rest is taken care of. It almost goes without saying but in addition to tuning your engine, you should replace old parts or at least keep original parts clean for optimal performance. Just keeping your parts clean and updated alone can help your car run faster and better as well. Benefits to consistent vehicle maintenance combined with custom tuning include:

  • Less breakdowns
  • Smoother ride
  • No stalling or trouble starting
  • Higher resale value
  • Saving money!

3. More Horsepower = Heavy Lifting

When everything is properly calibrated, then your car can provide the best results. Horsepower improves when everything else in line. Adjusting timing, fuel and jetting with a tuner helps increase horsepower the most. This allows for more hauling capabilities. Stronger engines can handle more pressure and heavier weight.

4. Saving Gas Money

When your engine is running efficiently it helps better your gas mileage at the same time by default. But tuners can actually take that a step further with custom tunes that can improve your fuel economy. Combine this with a consistently clean fuel filter and you’ll experience better acceleration and gas mileage and as a result, more bang for your buck so to speak.

5. On (Or Off) the Road Again

A car that has maximum torque and horsepower is strong and healthy. This makes activities like leisurely cruising or racing easier. It also allows for off roading. Many Jeeps and Dodge Rams are built for rugged terrain. Proper tuning ensures the vehicle will not stall or have trouble getting over any challenges.

Racers started tuning their cars for the best performances possible, but they are not the only ones who can benefit. Others who might need regular tune ups include:

  • Off roaders
  • Exhibitionists
  • The environmentally conscious
  • Do it yourselfers
  • Travelers
  • Leisure drivers

Finding the Right Performance Tuner for You

An ideal tuner should be low cost and easy to operate. This usually eliminates superchips from the running. They are more expensive maintain since you can’t adjust it once installed. Instead, you would have to purchase a difference model in order to update the chip and as result you often have to buy multiple chips to get the latest technology.

Look for a tuner that matches your specific needs. You should take a look at the newest dyno charts to identify your vehicle model and what kind of tuner works best for you. This helps you understand whether you can buy a manual tuner or need someone to customize it first. Cars with additions like cams or heads need custom tuning while other vehicles will not. We have dyno charts for Dodge, Jeep & Chrysler models here and we offer customized tunes for those vehicles although the Diablo In Tune we provide can work for any make, model and year.

Whether you’re a genuine car enthusiast, speed demon, fuel economist, or offroader, tuners will make a significant difference helping your car keep up with you.